Friday, October 12, 2012

A baptism and goodbyes

Elder and Sister Terry with Michael. He found the Church through the website.
It was a priviledge for Elder Terry to baptize Michael three days before we left.
Sad to say goodbye to special friends....

Bishop Paramore and his wife Beth. Note the old books in the cabinet! She loves them as much as Sister Terry does!

Sister Terry with her friend Glea and Glea's 92 year old aunt. Aunt Esther's home was like a museum of all kinds of things representing her life. And, believe it or not, we witnessed her eat a whole one pound hamburger, the only one in the group to eat the whole thing!
Glea and her son Kenny became some of our closest friends.
Elder and Sister Blake are now Brother and Sister Blake! They met us for lunch on their way home from serving in the mission. Glory Days is the best pizza ever! One of our most favorite hangouts in Burns.
And here is the owner of Glory Days, Nick and his son Cooper.
The Bingham family. It was great having dinner with them!
Dinner with the Gahleys. Where? See above!
Terry and Debbie. Long time Burns residents.
Linc. Recent convert and the owner of the local radio station.
A great Relief Society President and her family. The oldest son isn't in the picture.
Tom and Peggy. Kind hearted people.
Will and Toni. The first people to feed us in Burns. Will is in his 70's and still races his vintage motorcyle, even after suffering a stroke a few months ago!
Elder Terry with Cheryl in the family history booth. She is the ward historian and a great help to us. We will miss her family history expertise!
Elder Terry with our dear friends Mel and Jean and their friend Mary. Jean is 87 and is the best cook! Mary has the biggest and best garden in the whole town and probably the whole county!
What a small world! Pam went to the same high school and graduated with me. Even though we didn't know each other then, it was fun talking about the good old days at West! 
To quote a song Elder Terry mentioned to Glea, "God be with you 'till we meet again with His arms unfailing 'round you." We only have a few pictures of the people who have come to mean alot to us, but there are many more. We know we will see them again some day!