Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good times

The office board during transfer week. Here we are checking out who the new Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Trainers are. Sister Oliphant in the background.

All of the missionaries being transferred are driven to the Stake Center where they are taken to their new areas. It's a crazy busy time that happens every six weeks.
Here I am with our favorite district leader, Elder Wells, who was our district leader for most of the six months we were in Burns. I started to put my arm around him in this picture and then remembered that is against mission rules. So that's why we were both cracking up.
And here we are with Elder Wells for the last time before he went home the next day. Sad to see him go!
A fun picture of our two tallest missionaries, Elder Burton and Taumoelau. See the Christmas tree behind them? It was well over 6 feet tall! Elder Taumoelau used to be in our District and comes all the way from Tonga!
We enjoy getting to know the President's assistants who are in the office quite a bit. Here are Elders Covey and Hackett.
Right before Elder Hackett went home. We have a tradition where we call all of the missionaries on their birthdays and sing "Happy birthday" to them and blow horns and whistles. Elder Hackett's birthday was a couple of days after he went home so we had to call him in Utah and sing to him!
And here is our inspiration. We absolutely love working with President Young. He is truly an amazing man.

Oregon Coast

Continuing our search for lighthouses... this is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

And here is Coquille River. It is located in Bandon, where we followed President Young's advice and found a delicious fish and chips resturant located not far away. We eat there every time we pass through.

Port of Brookings. It is part of a private home. We found that the best place to view it was from a hotel parking lot across the street.
We love driving along the coast. There are always great views such as this one...

Or this.. We love Oregon!