Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clock Shop

Once a month we get together with the other office couples and the couple who serve at the mission's young womens camp. In February we went to the Conger Clock Shop.
This is the main clock and near the entrance to the museum.

I enjoyed this display of fancy old fashioned clocks.
Clocks,clocks everywhere!
There were more than just clocks at the museum. Here is a dislplay of old fashioned cameras.
All kinds of phones. We were joking that our grandchildren might not even know what these are!
The grandkids would have fun playing in this.
This player piano really works. We even sang along. Well, Elder Caldwell and I were the only ones who  knew most of  the words to"Mockingbird Hill"but everyone else gave it a good effort.
Airplane display.
All kinds of trains.
Helping Elder Caldwell figure out how to make a souvenier coin.
The ladies: Siser Rout, Sister Caldwell, Sister Oliphant and yours truly.
We went to lunch afterwards at a delicious bbq restuarant. The Oliphants are next to us, the Routs across and Sister Caldwell next to them. A great day with new friends.