Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We were happy to be invited to share Dan and Gretta's Thanksgiving dinner.
Beautiful table setting. And in case anyone wonders, that is sparkling cider!
 Gretta is from Venezuela and wanted to share a traditional dish with us.
 Cooking with Gretta!
 Assembling the ham bread. Ham, bacon, raisins, green olives. And yes, don't be so shocked that I ate green olives!
 It turned out great and was so delicious!
Don't leave out Dan! He did a lot of the cooking also!
Lots of delicious food!
Elder and Sister Terry were banished from the kitchen. Here we are watching "You've Got Mail."
Wonderful to spend the day with family. Thanks to Dan and Gretta for making it a memorable holiday and thanks for putting the pictures on facebook so I could steal them for the blog!