Sunday, October 27, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

These blog posts are way out of order, but that's because I am way behind and want to catch up all that I can before we return home in a month. So, here is one from last summer....
This was a two part couples get together. Elder and Sister Terry planned the main event, but Elder and Sister Rout suggested our dinner restaurant which turned out to be a fun diner called Buddy's. Fun music, good food and yes, that is the front of a real car sticking out of the wall! This was our last activity with the Caldwell's (Sister Caldwell is in the pink shirt) as they left for home shortly after this activity. 
Part two of the night was spent at the local baseball game. We had pretty good seats close to the dugout. Football may be all about the Ducks, but baseball is the Emeralds.
Great close up shot! And we were happy that the Emeralds won the game.
A nice picture of Elder and Sister Rout who will soon be going home. We have enjoyed getting to know them over the past year. Seated next to them are the Oliphants who were intently watching the game.
And here we are seated next to the Mangans. It was a fun evening for all!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Crater Lake

We were pretty happy to be able to take a trip to see Crater Lake. It was worth the drive!

What a beatiful sight! And yes, the water is as blue as it looks in the picture.
Getting ready to hike down the Cleetwood Cove Trail, the only trail that leads down to the lake. It was only about 2 miles, but felt like 20 on the way back up!
Taken by Sister Terry sitting on one of the many benches on the trail going back up.
Elder Terry waiting patiently for Sister Terry to finish sitting on one of the many benches going back up the trail!
Wizard Island out in the middle of the lake.
Phantom Ship Island
Vidae Falls

It was a great day!