Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sisters, Oregon Quilt Show

Last Saturday we took a field trip to Sisters, Oregon to attend the annual quilt show. We met up with three other senior missionary couples from our zone and spent the day together.

Here are the sisters. Sister Wyman, Sister Terry, Sister Birt, Sister Blake.
And here are the patient companions who followed us around all day.
Elder Blake, Elder Wyman, Elder Birt and Elder Terry
Sisters is a quaint little town, famous for its  shops, classes and quilt show.
The poem on this quilt is hand painted.
Since we won't be going to Yellowstone this year, here's something to remind us... a Yellowstone quilt!
And of course Elder Terry managed to find a fishing quilt!
A womens barbershop quartet. They were pretty good!
A quilt based on the painting "Starry Night" by Van Gogh.
When I get home to Las Vegas I want to learn to quilt. Would this be good for a beginner?
3D Block quilt.

For those of you (men) tired of quilt pictures, here's somethng for you:
Tucked away in a corner were some really nice wood carvings. The guy in the picture is the artist. Too bad we don't know his name.
Another one for Elder Terry. Nice fish woodcarving.
Pretty horses.

And now, back to the quilts!
Hand embroidered and beautiful!
Love this flower quilt!
A little hard to see, but this quilt was made with all kinds of lace. Beautiful!
Stained glass quilt.

It was a great day. After we left the show (we didn't even see everything since there was so much) we went back to Elder and Sister Blake's apartment for lunch before heading back home to Burns. And you can bet that in a year from now if we are anywhere close to Sisters I will be dragging poor Elder Terry there once again! Thanks to my quilting friend Joan for telling me about it months ago before we even got here. It was so worth the three hour drive to get there.

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