Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harney County Fair

The biggest event of the year in Harney County is the fair. Almost everyone in town in involved some how. No school because the kids are all doing 4H projects. Even the only movie theatre in town is closed. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to use the fair as a missionary opportunity by having a family history booth.
The banner we had hanging across the entrance to the booth. The people in the pictures are the ancestors of the ward family history specialist.

We had a video playing talking about family history. On the back wall is a family tree of the Winn family who settled here in the 1800's.
Elder Terry loved having the excuse to wear his Western attire during the fair!
And here is Sister Terry waiting to help people search for ancestors on the website. We handed out 90 cards and quite a few people were able to find success in their searches.
We didn't spend all of our time in the booth. We had a great time watching the parade. Here is the Burns High School Marching Band!
Eric in the front of the wagon with his dad Stacey. They are a great family who add alot to the community and the Church here.
The rodeo queen
And the Paiute Tribe's Queen. There is a small Paiute reservation on the north side of town.

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