Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elder Terry Loves To Hike!

Let me set things straight... Sister Terry is not a fan of hiking. Being the good sport that she is, Sister Terry accompanied her companion on quite a few hikes over the past year. She must admit, that although she is more of a stay at home and read a good book type person, being out in nature, in spite of being half out of breath most of the time, allowed her to have time to think, to reflect, and to be able to enjoy the beauties of the world that were created for our enjoyment while on earth.
Amazon Trail is a fairly easy hike that we took quite a few times. Once Sister Terry got used to it, we were able to make it up and back in about an hour and a half.
Elder Terry at one of the bridges, most likely waiting for Sister Terry to catch up with him!
Taking a rest before heading back up one of the trails.
Elder Terry was amazed at the height of the trees. This one rose up hundreds of feet tall.
This shows the roots at the base of a tree that had become uprooted. Amazing.
It's hard to tell from this angle, but this tree actually has another tree growing out of the side of it.
At first we thought this was bamboo, but examining it closer, it is some kind of tubular plant. You can pull it apart in sections and they are hollow inside. I have no idea what they are called, but they sure are pretty.
This is a pretty view heading up Spencer Butte, a prominent butte just outside of town. Pretty view, but hard hike for Sister Terry!
Elder Terry loving the outdoors.
Seeing Poison Oak for the first time for Sister Terry. Pretty leaves, but very dangerous.
It was quite a hike, but she made it to the top.
Elder Terry waving from the very top!

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