Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dave's Killer Bread

I never thought I would be dedicating a blog post to a loaf of bread, but everyone should know about Dave's Killer Bread!
We like the 21 grain bread (the green label) the best.
This is Dave.... and he has a fascinating story. His family operated a bakery when he was young. Instead of showing an interest in the bakery, as a teenager he showed an interest in drugs. He did four prison sentences through the years. Three and a half years into his last sentence things clicked and he was able to get help for his drug abuse and receive an education. After he was released the last time, he went to work at the family bakery which his brother now operated. But Dave decided to take it further and developed his own recipe and started Dave's Killer Bread.
Dave doesn't hide his past. Every label tells his story.
And this is his theme.
Dave is based in Portland and his bread is available not only in stores such as Winco and Costco, but is even available by mail order! It may cost around $5 a loaf but is worth every dollar. It's the only bread we eat now. Go out and find some and try it for yourself!

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