Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heceta Head Lighthouse

There are supposedly thirteen lighthouses along the Oregon coast. We took a recent Saturday to visit one of them.
We stopped in Florence, Oregon hoping for Elder Terry to be able to visit a fly fishing museum I had read about. Unfortunately, the museum is now a play house! So we ate delicious clam chowder at the restaurant behind me before heading on our way north.
 View of Heceta Head Lighthouse from a distance
After a half mile and all uphill walk we found that the lighthouse was fenced off but we were able to get a close up in spite of the barbed wire fence!
The wedding we passed on the way up the trail. She was having a hard time walking because of her heels getting stuck in the grass. It appeared to be a nice wedding looking out over the ocean.
Another distant view with neat rock formations below. No wonder they needed a lighthouse!
A view of the rocks from the lighthouse.

On the way back down the trail we came across this tree covered with hanging moss.
A beautiful shot of the sun through the trees. It reminded us of the Sacred Grove.
The ocean at low tide. This was standing  quite a ways in from the shore.Very interesting to see the erosion at the water line and to know that before too long it would all be filled in with water. We had to drive over the neat bridge behind me to get to the lighthouse.
The beautiful Pacific Ocean
Close of a perfect day.

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  1. wow so gorgeous! great shots! you need to have a wall at home dedicated to oregon pictures.=)