Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our first Christmas away from our family. It was different, but we made the best of it. Instead of buying each other stuff we wouldn't have room to take home at the end of our mission, we shopped for each other at the dollar store. It was fun and we were both creative! Elder Terry picked out the antlers for both of us to wear.

Here is Elder Terry looking silly holding his stocking with his presents.
It seems to be the goal of the family to try to make Mom cry at least once every Christmas. This year the prize goes to Michelle and her family. The plaque reads, "Missionary (noun) a person who leaves their family for awhile, so others can be with their families forever."
This may be out of order, but before Christmas we enjoyed attending the Christmas party held out at the Blue River Branch, where we attend church every week. Here the children are acting out the Nativity story.
Sister O' Connor, standing by the Christmas tree is the Branch President's wife and also, the Primary President, Young Women's President (when they have Young Women aged girls) and the Branch activity planner. She was in charge of the party which turned out great!
A sweet picture of President O' Connor with some of the children. He read the Christmas story from the scriptures as the children acted it out. Then he talked to them about how both Jesus and Santa give gifts and without any fanfare or costume, he played Santa and had a special homemade stocking filled with treats for every child. What a great and simple way to celebrate Christmas!

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