Friday, January 11, 2013

Searching for the illusive lighthouse

There are 11 lighthouses in Oregon and our goal is to see all of them before we leave. Not long after Christmas we ventured out to visit one of them. We should have been prepared when the only information we could find about where it was said that it was by mile marker 66. As we passed mile marker 66 it was too late to pull over so we decided to try on our way back down. We drove a little further to Waldport and drove over this bridge:
Alsea Bay Bridge

After stopping for lunch, we decided to go back and try to find the lighthouse. Once again we approached mile marker 66 and this time pulled over. There was nothing to see even when we got out of the car to look. It was in a area with cliffs and lots of trees. As we drove away I caught a quick glimpse of the tower. Here is what it really looks like:
Cleft of the Rock Lighthouse. It is privately owned and obviously difficult to find. Although we are counting it as one of the 11, we plan to go back and really search it out.

We did manage to do some other sight seeing on our way home.

Devil's Churn. 
The waves on the ocean were huge and the water was choppy so we picked the right day. Devil's Churn is a narrow inlet where as the waves come into it there is nowhere for them to go so they crash upon the lava rocks. Very impressive to see in person!
Normally every fall we spend a week in Yellowstone. This is as close as we will get this year. This isn't too far from Devil's churn. As the waves crash up around the rock, it blows through a hole just like a geyser. So we call this our mini Old Faithful! 

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