Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life in the mission office

Each weekday (and some Saturdays) we work in the mission office. We work with some great people!

First, meet the Oliphants. They are service missionaries from Roseburg, Oregon, about an hour away from Eugene. They have temporarily moved to Eugene and will have served longer than any of the rest of us by the time they go home.
 Elder Oliphant is in charge of finances. 
Sister Oliphant is in charge of mail, referrals and supplies. 
Next up from El Paso, Texas, meet the Routs!
Elder Rout is in charge of the mission vehicles. 
Sister Rout is the mission nurse and also does the newsletter and President Young's blog.
That leaves yours truly....
Elder Terry is in charge of housing for the mission.
And Sister Terry is the mission secretary.
We have some great assistants. Currently serving are Elder Jennings on the left and Elder Migliori on the right. In the center is Elder Covey who agreed to finish his mission in the new Oregon Salem Mission to help them get on their feet. This picture was taken the day we drove him to his new mission.
Recently we were asked to be the "parent mission" for the new Oregon Salem Mission which officially started on July 1st. We helped to set up their files, order supplies for them and trained their office staff. Here we are with Sister Christensen, my counterpart in the new mission.
And here are the men with Elder Christensen who is their housing coordinator.
"Men in Black" Elder Terry and Rout with Elder Haines, one of our office elders.
Once in awhile parents send treats to the office staff. This was a yummy fruit basket. President and /Sister Young came down and we all enjoyed it together. Yum!

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  1. How fun. I can't believe how much work goes into a mission!