Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nashville Tribute Band Concert

A couple of weeks ago we attended a concert put on by the Nashville Tribute Band. They are a group of musicians who are all LDS, who have been successful in Nashville, and still find time to perform together paying tribute to Joseph Smith, the pioneers and missionaries. It was held at a farm outdoors on a nice evening.
Visiting with each other before the show begins.
Enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner.
Elder and Sister Terry. This hat was the best of the selection at Fred Meyer so don't laugh too hard!
Nashville Tribute Band. Jason Deere, who is second from the left served his mission in Las Vegas back in the 80's. 
Due West. A great group. One of their best known songs is, "When the Smoke Clears."
Singing with the band. At one point they asked if there were any full time missionaries in the audience. We raised our hands and they had us come up and sing with them. The song is about missionary work and is called "I Was Born." I loved the chorus which is:
And we are here to serve our King!
Children of the Most High
It's His good news that we bring
As we labor gladly bringing souls to Christ.

And that's why we are serving our mission... to do whatever we can to help bring souls to Christ.
 Beautiful moon. A perfect ending to a perfect evening!

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