Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oregon...A beautiful state

What we have seen of Oregon so far is beautiful. From woods with green trees to desert (where we live) to beautiful rivers and lakes and majestic mountains. Not to mention the wildlife. Deer, all kinds of birds, antelope to name a few. Thank goodness we haven't seen any rattle snakes yet, but we hear they are around. And there are hundreds of ground squirrels. The farmers hate them and will sit out in their fields and shoot them. We have run over a few here and there so the farmers should thank us for helping them out. So, for this post sit back, relax and enjoy the same beauties that we are!

Our own backyard!
Deer wander all over the place. They are practically tame!

Sahalie Falls near Eugene.
Mann Lake. We went to visit a family who live nearby.
The Steens Mountains on the way to Mann Lake.
Three Sisters Mountains
Mount Hood off in the distance.

This baby horse practically posed for the picture.
Our friend Stacey Iverson paints the water tank in front of her house. The people here have the same idea, only they paint rocks!

Only one of the many beautiful birds that are around here. We've seen jays, robins, orioles, cranes just to mention a few. This is a yellowheaded blackbird. I may have to take up birdwatching!
This may seem like a few flowers....
Until you see them all together.
Round barn practically out in the middle of nowhere. They used to keep the horses inside them in the winter and train them for the work they would be doing in the summer.
The strangest thing we have seen so far. Yes, it's a dead badger, and no, we didn't have it for dinner.
And for those of you who are strange and will appreciate this....
Two months later in exactly the same spot!

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