Friday, June 1, 2012

A quick trip to Eugene

Bright and early the day after we arrived in Burns we headed north to Eugene to meet President and Sister Young. It's about a five hour trip and was new territory for both of us as neither of us had spent any time in Oregon previously. It is a beautiful state, with its green trees and blue skies and rivers and lakes. While driving along the Mc Kenzie River we saw this:
It's called the Good Pasture Covered Bridge. So pretty to see.

We arrived in Eugene and thanks to our GPS were able to find our way to the mission home with no problem. It's a beautiful two story house in a regular neighborhood. I felt a little apprehensive as we approached the front door as I didn't know what to expect. But that all went away as we were greeted so kindly by the Youngs, President Lowary who is the first counselor, and several full time missionaries who were there receiving training. We spent a little time visiting with the Youngs in his office and then were invited to sit in on the training that the other missionaries were receiving. And in that short period of time we learned even more than we had at the MTC.

Before too long, President and Sister Young were off to meet the newest missionaries at the airport. During this time other senior missionaries who work in the mission office arrived and it was nice to get to meet them. When the new missionaries arrived, we all went outside to greet them. I loved watching how each one of them were greeted by everyone there and made to feel special and welcomed. We were served a nice lunch and a short orientation was held. Then pictures were taken outside and yes, their back yard is beautiful!
We spent the night at a hotel in Euguene and then met briefly the next moring with President Lowary at the mission office. Then it was back to Burns to go to work. It was a quick trip but so worth it. We loved the Youngs as soon as we met them and are grateful to be serving under their guidance in the Oregon Eugene Mission.

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