Thursday, May 31, 2012

On our way!

After two weeks, our time at the MTC had come to a close. Hoping that we would remember everything we had been taught and making sure we had the emails of new friends, we were on our way. Before heading to Oregon we spent a few days in Salt Lake visiting Elder Terry's parents and watching General Conference. We also went to the Provo City Cemetery. I have a great love for family history and knew that some of my ancestors were buried there. So it was a mission for me to find out where.
These are my great great grandparents David White Rogers and his wife Martha Collins Rogers. They were the first of the Rogers family to join the church. They were taught and baptized by Parley P. Pratt. They joined the church in their 50's and went through many hardships and trials but always remained faithful to the Gospel.

We also had the chance to attend the temple and chose the Draper Temple which neither of us had been to before.
We are so grateful that we were able to attend especiallly when we found out that the nearest temple in Oregon is about six hours away from us!

At last we were on our way to Oregon. What a nice trip with beautiful scenery.
After about a 9 hour drive we finally arrived in Burns, which would be our first area. We unloaded our stuff and got a good night's sleep because the next day we would start off on another meet our Mission President. Stay tuned!

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