Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Opening the Mission call!

It was quite a process getting everything done that we needed to in order to send off our mission application and wait for the call. Doctor appointments, immunizations, interviews with local church leaders just to name  a few. But at last it was all done and the papers were in. Then the waiting began. For senior couples it takes about one to two months to get a call back unlike the younger missionaries who usually get them within a few weeks. To help the time go by and make it a little fun, we decided to have people guess where they thought we would go and put flags on a world map to represent all of the guesses.

At the bottom of the picture of the map you can see the envelope we had been waiting for! The day finally came when we would find out where we would be going! We invited our children and their families and my brother in law Scott who was in town for the day. We all gathered around in anticipation!
(Note Scott trying to not show up in the picture!)
We finally opened up the envelope. Inside were letters to each of us individually from President Thomas S. Monson calling us to serve in the Oregon Euguene Mission. We would report to the MTC on March 19, 2012. A new and exciting adventure ahead!
And, the winner of our Where in the World are we going on our Mission contest was Nate Anderson who used to be in our ward. He was the only one who guessed Oregon and received a plate of yummy brownies for a prize.

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