Monday, May 28, 2012


We entered the MTC on March 19th. As we walked through the doors someone came right over to us to show us where we needed to go. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The first day was mostly an introduction. It was pretty neat to put these on:
Starting the second day, we started our missionary training. We have become very familiar with this book:
Preach My Gospel teaches everything we need to know about missionary work. We learned so much that week from our teachers who were all returned missionaries in their 20's. They were very helpful and patient with us senior missionaries.

We were kept pretty busy during the time we spent at the MTC. During the times we weren't in class or eating in the extremely yummy cafeteria, we would go and sit in the main lobby and study  the PMG manual.
This was our favorite spot, a comfortable couch out of the way where we could sit and read quietly or just watch the people coming in and out. On Tuesday nights a devotional is held. As we sat up in the lobby we were surprised when Elder Dallin H. Oakes and his wife came in! He was the main speaker for the evening. We just sat and watched him shaking hands with the MTC President and his wife and felt the great Spirit that accompanied him. And that Spirit continued on that evening when we were able to hear him speak and also to see a few thousand young missionaries singing "Called to Serve." I will never forget that experience.

In a short period of time we became close to different couples. We were divided up into districts which consisted of four couples who attended classes together all week.
Here is our district: Us, Elder and Sister Oscarson, Elder and Sister Wilde, Elder and Sister Young and our favorite instructor Brother Keepman

And here are all of the senior couples who were with us in the MTC!

We ended up staying an extra four days at the MTC to receive office training. We received a call from President Young, our mission president, the second day we were there. He asked us to take this training in case we will be needed in the office somewhere down the road. We agreed to this and learned all about the IMOS program which is what the mission office uses and also alot of things about Word Perfect that I never even knew existed. We don't know if we will ever need to use this training, but at least we are prepared in case we do!

We so enjoyed our time at the MTC. It is such a spiritual place. There is beautiful artwork in every hall. Here are some of our favorites:

And we can't ever forget the reason we are on a mission in the first place:

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